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dimension3+ creates 3D animations and renderings for trade shows, websites, catalogs, and construction signs – computer-generated images, films, and virtual reality for marketing your properties and products.


Market Early

Photorealistic representations of your buildings or products are created in the development phase and ensure early marketing opportunities.

Optimal for print media

Images of 3D models can be rendered in huge resolutions upon request. The foreground and background are easily separated to obtain cut-out images (photos with transparency channels) for further processing.

Variations at the push of a button

Would you like to present your product in different lighting conditions? Change the perspective? Swap colors and materials? Duplicate objects? Further variations can be quickly generated from a 3D scene that has already been created.

Reveal Hidden Details

By hiding distracting objects or unfolding products and buildings, an inside view can be achieved: the movements of concealed components and microscopic details are made clear and comprehensible. Liquids, fire, smoke, or electricity can be visualized and simulated.

3D-Animation Lindau Steg3D-Animation Lindau Steg3D-Animation Lindau Steg3D-Animation Lindau Steg3D-Animation Lindau Steg3D-Animation Lindau Steg


Take your customers on a journey through digital 3D worlds with photorealistic quality: Experience your construction projects from a bird’s-eye view or explore the interior of the machines you have developed. In 3D animation, complex processes are illustrated and physical processes are made visible. The functions can also be displayed as text or commented on by a voice-over. Special effects from video post-production (VFX), specially composed or GEMA-free music make your film an impressive marketing tool.

dimension3+ can accompany you throughout the entire project, from developing a storyboard to constant preview exchanges and fine-tuning.

Lindau Saal Virtual RealityLindau Saal Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

In virtual reality (VR), the computer creates an artificial reality. This is calculated in real-time, meaning that color changes and interactions with objects are possible in the moment. A simulation can be output not only on a computer but also on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). When combined with a VR headset (Meta Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive, etc.), the viewer can fully immerse themselves in the visualized space. This method is especially suitable for the field of architecture, where scale and presence cannot be conveyed in any other way.